Demand Response & Energy Efficiency Programs

GoodCents® implements customer-focused utility programs that deliver results to our clients. We’ll improve your community and customers’ quality of life, while making your program management easier. We have The Power to Perform®.
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Integrated Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs

Integrated Demand-Side Management

Demand response and energy efficiency programs implemented in tandem to provide a seamless customer experience.
Integrated demand-side management (IDSM) has been a hot topic among DSM professionals for a decade. Is your state’s energy planning and strategy conducive to making it a reality?
Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Program Implementation

Demand Response

GoodCents® has achieved more than 1,500 MW of load reduction in demand response programs.
Over the last 40 years, we have installed, provisioned & maintained nearly 2 million load control switches, smart thermostats, and gateway devices throughout North America.
Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Program Implementation

Energy Efficiency

GoodCents® has achieved more than 3,100 GWh of first-year savings in energy efficiency programs.
For more than 7 years, we have been implementing a variety of residential and commercial energy efficiency programs, including the statewide Energizing Indiana program.


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  • GoodCents M&VProgram Measurement & Verification
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Delighted Customers

Delighted Customers

We provide the type of customer experience that turns your customers into program champions.
“When the work was completed here it was so good, I thought, ‘I've got to pass this on.’ And so I did. I decided I would make my own copies at the library. I even left some at the library! This has just been a real blessing to me.”

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