Leveraged Technology Solutions

GoodCents has developed a powerful technology platform to facilitate an integrated program delivery. The platform supports core functional capabilities from market segmentation and customer acquisition to service delivery and rebates processing. Built with an open software architecture, the platform can be easily expanded to support additional programs further enhancing its capability to support an integrated delivery model.

Additionally, this open architecture allows for flexibility in the data, and systems integration of data such as access to customer and usage information from the Utility’s CIS and Billing Customer Information. Further integration options are available to support program administration, such as partner management and M&V reporting.

With support for multiple programs, the ease with which data can be aggregated, GoodCents can provide its clients with a holistic view into overall program performance.

Integrated Program Delivery Platform

The platform supports a core set of integrated applications that are flexible and scalable to meet current and future program needs. With its flexibility and configurability, existing programs can be easily modified and optimized to deliver improved performance.

Additionally, new and different program offerings can be easily added with support from existing applications. Real-time integrations will allow for seamless access to data across multiple systems to improve the performance delivery and impact customer satisfaction.

With a single platform supporting all programs and aggregating all data, a unified view can be easily maintained and reported by program, utility, and across geography.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a public website that provides education, program information and self-service options for customers to participate in the programs.

Vendor Portal

The vendor portal is designed to recruit, educate and support the various dealers/contractors that will deliver services that support the programs.

Integrated Reporting

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is designed to track program data and support reporting and performance analysis. GoodCents’ integrated platform aggregates data to an enterprise-class data warehouse. The ability of the warehouse to accept data from any third-party data source, combined with its flexibility to change output formats, creates an agile reporting system that is capable of adjusting to fit GoodCents customers’ evolving requirements.

Reporting Portal

The Reporting Portal is web-based and provides secured access to reports and dashboards. Users are authorized to access the portal via a username and password, with each user assigned a security profile that allows access to specific data.

The Reporting Portal dashboards are implemented with similar technologies as the data warehouse. These dashboards allow users to compare performance against goals for each respective program. The dashboards also support drill-through details, and streamlines access to data via ad-hoc queries that eliminate the need for complex data integrations.