Research and Data Analysis

Research and Data Analysis

As energy efficiency and demand response programs are being put into effect around the country, utilities can struggle with measuring exactly how much energy they are saving or shifting, or determining the potential of a future program. GoodCents can provide those answers and offers solutions to all of your research and data analysis needs.

Whether you need a full comprehensive program or already have data that simply needs to be analyzed, GoodCents can help. The Research and Data Analysis team provides independent statistical analysis and reporting, suitable for filing with a Commission or the Department of Energy.

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Measurement and Verification

Demand Response programs are effective; however,  in order to know exactly what load reduction your company can expect, measurement and verification is a major component. Measurement and verification programs provided by GoodCents are comprehensive, including a sample design, special metering, data collection, statistical analysis, and modeling. GoodCents will work with you to determine the best method of verification for your program and best way to measure the load reduction resulting from your program.

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End Use/ Load Research Analysis

As the emphasis of energy efficiency becomes more prevalent, it is being offset by the energy demands of new technologies such as televisions, DVRs, personal devise chargers, electric vehicles, and home office centers. It is important to understand customers’ current energy use, how energy usage has changed in recent years and what we can expect for energy usage in the future. GoodCents has extensive expertise in end-use metering and data collection and stays on the cutting edge of new metering technology and data collection methods.


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Statistical Modeling

Statistical analysis and modeling is crucial when deciding how to implement a new energy efficiency program. The GoodCents analytical team has detailed statistical analysis expertise and experience, allowing for the analysis of any data to determine the future of a project. If you would like to find out more about this service offering, please contact us.

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Customer Satisfaction

GoodCents has a greater than 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, achieving this by placing emphasis on four important categories:

Customer Service

GoodCents’ employee selection and training process stresses customer service skills as strongly as it does technical skills. GoodCents believes that the customer should receive prompt, dependable, and courteous service at all times. Training, review, and issue-resolution processes ensure that the customer is considered first.


GoodCents ensures that information is recorded accurately, equipment is installed correctly, and that programs are implemented flawlessly. The training program emphasizes the importance in employees doing a job right the first time. GoodCents’ job-tracking software spots outstanding employees so they can be recognized and rewarded.


GoodCents recognizes its responsibility to demonstrate value, which is a function of the quality of services related to the prices we charge. GoodCents continually strives to eliminate duplications and streamline our processes without sacrificing quality.


Trust is the foundation of all business relationships, which is why GoodCents believes that honest, conscientious companies are the most successful ones. Our 32-year track record is the result of old fashioned values like hard work, honesty, and attention to detail. In a business world with companies that have sacrificed integrity for short-term gain, GoodCents stands out as a trustworthy partner committed to building strong business relationships over the long-term.

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