Energy Efficiency

Income Qualified Weatherization

GoodCents’ Income-Qualified Weatherization programs utilize a combination of a well-defined, standardized in-home measure installations process and a solid, long-standing analytic software tool. Our program delivery may include combustion safety testing, blower door guided air sealing, arranging for attic insulation, and providing conservation education and encouraging adoption of energy efficiency measures.

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Energy Assessments


GoodCents believes that on-site energy assessments provide the best opportunity to reshape the energy usage habits of your customers. Our highly trained and experienced technicians perform detailed site surveys, and work closely with the customer to install energy efficiency measures as desired by you and your customers.

Along with installing measures, we are also capable and equipped to conduct in-out testing for implementation-style assessments such as weatherization, duct repairs, ceiling insulation and more. GoodCents generally uses six common elements for on-site energy efficiency programs. Scroll over each of the segments to find out more.

Pre-Visit and Authorization

During the Pre-Visit and Authorization time, we gather the Work Order information, Customer information and customer consumption history, and a pre-screen assessment run of the customers home as compared to their energy consumption (authorized by the utility company and customer)

Home Health and Safety

This time is spent checking the health of the house, using a number of measures, including a blower-door testing system, thermographic scans and Combustion Safety Test on all homes that use natural gas or propane for space heating, water heating, cooking, or other functions.

Installed Measures

During this time, energy-saving measures are installed, that can substantially improve the cost-effectiveness of the program to the utility and homeowner. These items include, but are not limited to window sealing, caulking, CFL installs, etc.

Energy Audit Inputs

Once an assessment has been completed, all of the information that has been captured and collected, is put into a technical review for the home owner.

Energy Audit Analytic Engine

Upon entering all of the captured information, an analytic engine compares existing energy-consuming conditions with potential new modifications (measures) that key be installed in the home. This analytic engine combines typical home configurations commensurate with the geography and weather of the program territory to enable accurate assessments.

Homeowners’ Energy Report

The report is then produced, and the technician presents the review to the homeowner. The report utilizes graphs, pictures, explanation and comparative data to guide the homeowner toward understanding what future actions are most beneficial to their future.


GoodCents Commercial and Industrial programs include a prescriptive incentive structure that rewards participants with monetary incentives based on their installation of energy efficiency equipment upgrades. These upgrades include lighting, motors and pumps, HVAC, and potentially other equipment such as ENERGY STAR® transformers and efficient package refrigeration. Incentives will be provided for one-for-one replacements, retrofits and new installations of qualified equipment.

The objectives of the C&I Prescriptive Program are to:

  • Lower electric energy consumption in the C&I market sector.
  • Help C&I customers decrease their overall energy costs.
  • Build market-based activity that captures near- and long-term energy and demand savings.
  • Encourage equipment vendors and contractors to actively promote and install energy efficient technologies for their C&I customers.

To assist C&I customers in reducing their electric energy costs, the GoodCents team will provide program participants with technical assistance accessible through a toll- free customer service line. The technical assistance can include answering general questions regarding the program, describing available program incentives, verifying program eligibility, and/or providing a list of local installation contractors that are familiar with and participating in the program.

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Rebate Programs

The goals of the rebate program offered by GoodCents are to provide Utilities and their customers with an avenue to reduce energy and demand requirements, save money on electric bills, and meet reduction goals set forth by state legislatures and commissions. To accomplish these goals, the GoodCents rebate program offers a complete turn-key offering from the marketing aspect through rebate check processing. Our rebate offerings can be fully customizable or a standard prescriptive based program.

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Dealer Referrals/ Trade Ally Networks

A network of qualified contractors is essential to achieve market penetration and to realize short-term electric savings. GoodCents establishes networks of qualified and competent installation contractors throughout the service territories to ensure ready-access for customers to select a local contractor. Marketing efforts create awareness for contractors as well as customers and it is expected that interested contractors will surface as a result. GoodCents will take the steps, as listed below, to recruit and train members of this business community.

GoodCents has extensive experience in developing dealer networks for utility programs. Typically, these programs are associated with appliance upgrades and rebate programs.

Quality Installs

Quality workmanship is paramount to the success of any program, and GoodCents strives for 100% customer satisfaction when implementing any program. The GoodCents audit supervisors perform a minimum of two on-site quality inspections per quarter for each auditor. These un-announced ride along periods provide time for the audit supervisor to assess the continued performance of each team member.

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The GoodCents Home® Program


The oldest and largest energy-efficient home certification program in the country, the GoodCents Home® program was developed to encourage builders to construct energy-efficient homes.  The GoodCents Home® program initially focuses on new, residential construction. As the program gains acceptance and the local utility or licensing agent gains experience, the program can be expanded to include retrofits or upgrades to existing homes, sales of products and services, and other related energy service activities. The strategy is to build alliances with key building trade professionals to facilitate market transformation activities. Our goal is to assist the construction industry to deliver more energy-efficient homes that are more comfortable and healthier to live in, and improve the long-term sustainability of residential buildings.

GoodCents Home® Program features include:

  • Preconstruction plan review, analysis and efficiency improvement recommendations
  • Building energy performance analysis for GoodCents qualification
  • Energy code certification (local permitting analysis on request)
  • Proprietary signage and promotional recognition to identify the GoodCents Home® program during construction
  • Building performance and estimated operating cost calculations
  • Building heat gain and loss calculations, equipment selection recommendations, and system design assistance
  • Inspection and verification of all required energy and appliance features
  • Post-construction home certification provided for resale

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