Integrated DSM Solutions

Historically, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs have been designed as discrete tactical programs (e.g., residential lighting retrofits) to address broad strategic goals (e.g., MW of energy savings). In limiting the potential options available to end-users, these discrete programs challenge end-user participation rates (the percentage of targeted customers who take advantage of an available program), which drive the success or failure of an Energy Efficiency or Demand Response program. GoodCents has developed a highly successful and innovative integrated service offering to drive higher end-user participation rates, capitalize on evolving industry trends and differentiate itself from competitors. Through this integrated program delivery model, GoodCents provides utilities with a wide variety of capabilities to promote, both discretely and jointly, the bundled program offerings and thus more effectively meet the overall goals of a DSM program. Simultaneously, the Company realizes operational efficiencies by integrating its services programs, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investment.