Creative Marketing Solutions

Analytical Analysis

In order to reach the greatest electric energy reduction, GoodCents has the ability of using Utility-provided information to drill down into the market segmentation to identify each home meeting eligibility requirements and that are the higher consumers of electricity. This process yields the target market group with the highest electric usage (market segmentation & target market identification).

Creative Solutions

GoodCents implements marketing plans tailored to the Utility’s customers and to achieve the Utility’s performance goals. Based on the energy goals, GoodCents offers the following plans to achieve the required customer participation:

Marketing Channels

The GoodCents marketing team utilizes a variety of channels to deliver the program message to the Utility’s residential customers. Each channel is fully customizable and very diverse, encompassing a wide array of niches and demographics.

Web Page Development

GoodCents’ marketing team creates online brand awareness for programs that reach homeowners in a cost-effective manner. With the ever increasing use of the internet, consumers scour the web for information when remodeling, when their HVAC system fails, or when looking for information to help them reduce energy bills. The online messaging and appearance is coordinated with the content of other collateral materials of the Utility.

Marketing Message

Our approach for messaging is focused on educating and raising visibility of energy efficiency opportunities for your customers. Consistent with energy providers, state and local governments, the message will encourage customers to reduce energy use through efficiency and conservation. Saving money is the primary motivation for energy-efficient renovations and purchases.

Customer Management

The customer relationship management application supports the key processes associated with consumer interaction from the program fulfillment to ongoing service delivery. The solution is utilized by GoodCents’ call center and field support teams to provide the following functions:

  • Customer communication With a single system supporting the interaction and management of customer communications, GoodCents’ information management team ensures total visibility to the entire customer profile.
  • Program enrollment GoodCents’ customer support call center uses program criteria to verify eligibility for customers responding to marketing outreach campaigns. Once verified, call center representatives enroll qualified customers in the proper program. Additionally, the Company’s platform helps call center representatives educate customers about and cross-sell additional programs.
  • Ongoing customer service The technology platform helps customer service representatives better serve customers who call in for service or support. By leveraging the CRM system, representatives have a consolidated view of all past interactions and services provided to each customer. Additional service work, or provisioning of new programs is easily accommodated.