GoodCents® has achieved more than 3,100 GWh of first-year savings in energy efficiency programs. We have implemented more than 55 energy efficiency and demand response programs in more than 20 states and provinces. We are uniquely qualified to implement not just standalone energy efficiency and demand response programs, but integrated demand-side management programs as well.

Over the years, GoodCents® has also worked with clients to develop innovative pilots that test new technology and program designs. We typically administer portfolios or implement standalone programs with the following energy efficiency program designs:

  • Home Energy Audit Programs
  • Low-Income Weatherization Programs
  • New Construction Programs
  • Multifamily Direct Install Programs
  • Small Business Direct Install Programs
  • Behavioral Programs
  • Retail Buy-Down Programs (with product websites)
  • Mid-Stream/Upstream Buy-Down Programs
  • Educational Programs


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Core Competencies

GoodCents Staff

GoodCents® core competencies for energy efficiency program implementation include:

  • Industry-Leading Field Services. Our sweet spot is programs that include field services. As our utility clients will tell you, GoodCents® field teams are held in extremely high regard throughout the industry. When we provide field services, the crews are employees, not contractors.
  • Robust Trade Ally Network. We have launched and grown more than 20 trade ally networks throughout North America, with more than 4,500 participating contractors. Our in-house field services expertise is key to our ability to build strong trade ally networks wherever needed. GoodCents® knows how to work with and support contractors, because that’s who we are.
  • Data-Driven Marketing. Leveraging the strength of market segmentation based on 35 million customer records from DSM programs throughout North America, our in-house team of marketing experts complete all aspects of program marketing from research through field implementation with a data-driven approach.
  • Swift Rebate Processing. Our rebate processing application was built on the best practices we’ve developed over the years, combined with a customer-centric approach that allows them to choose their path to participation. The result? An independently verified processing speed that is 75 percent faster than industry norms.
  • Commitment to Advanced Reporting & Analytics. Extensive investment in GoodCents Connect® and the recently unveiled Good Cents Dynamo™ have allowed us to integrate disparate data from various software systems into a centralized database with interactive dashboards that take utility program data visualization to new heights. With these tools, GoodCents® can provide portfolio-level reporting and data visualization across energy efficiency and demand response programs.


GoodCents® offers a combination of robust in-house capabilities, which include products and services from our sister companies. We combine these capabilities to develop tailored energy efficiency programs that meet your needs and goals.

  • GoodCents Program DesignProgram Design
  • GoodCents KitsConservation Kits
  • GoodCents MarketingProgram Marketing
  • GoodCents EngineeringProgram Engineering
  • GoodCents Call CenterProgram Call Center
  • GoodCents Field ServicesAudit & Installation Field Services
  • GoodCents Trade Ally NetworkTrade Ally Network Development
  • GoodCents Reporting and AnalyticsProgram Reporting & Analytics
  • GoodCents ProductsEnergy & Water Conservation Products
  • GoodCents M&VProgram Measurement & Verification

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