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GoodCents’® purpose is to help all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently. We develop tailored energy efficiency, demand response and integrated demand-side management program solutions to help our utility clients improve their communities and their customers’ quality of life.

Over the last 40 years, GoodCents® has implemented more than 55 energy efficiency and demand response programs in more than 20 states and provinces. That extensive utility program experience has taught us how to be responsive to each client’s unique needs. Together with our clients, we’ve helped millions of customers use energy more efficiently.

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In 1977, GoodCents® was founded by utility professionals to implement demand response programs in the Southeast. By the mid-1990s, we had grown to implement programs throughout the United States. In the early-2000s, we expanded into energy efficiency program management and opened our Canadian headquarters. In the latter part of that decade, we expanded our scope of services to include commercial and industrial markets, while testing a variety of innovative program designs in a series of pilots. We launched our technology platform GoodCents Connect® and began implementing one of the first integrated demand-side management program offerings, which included residential, commercial and industrial customers.

In 2011, GoodCents® was awarded the contract to administer and implement Energizing Indiana, a unified effort by Indiana utilities and consumer organizations to offer a comprehensive statewide energy efficiency program. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission found the programs to be extremely cost effective, and several Indiana utilities selected GoodCents® to continue to administer and implement their standalone programs when Energizing Indiana ended.

In 2015, GoodCents® joined the AM Group of Companies, which included AM Conservation Group®, Niagara Conservation® and Service Concepts®. A long-time strategic partner of GoodCents®, AM Conservation Group® has been manufacturing energy and water conservation products and kits for the energy services industry for 27 years. Niagara Conservation® manufactures industry-leading water conservation products. Service Concepts®, originally founded as a nonprofit by more than 30 electric cooperatives, provides conservation products and kits to more than 300 cooperatives, municipal utilities and weatherization agencies across 42 states.


In 2016, we grew again when AM Conservation Group merged with Franklin Energy. We have combined our services businesses under the new Franklin Energy brand to better serve our clients. As the new Franklin Energy, we're able to administer and implement energy efficiency and demand response programs for residential, small business, large commercial and industrial customers throughout North America, with our combined team of experts.

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Franklin Energy

As a combined company, we are able to offer utility clients a single point of contact for integrated demand side management programs. In the past year, we have invested heavily in expanded strategic marketing, analytics and reporting capabilities to better serve our clients and their customers. Our company is not new, but our constant evolution and commitment to innovation keep us on the leading edge.

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